Aug 13

Gordon Ramsay BurGR, Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas

On my final day here in Las Vegas, I decide that a good place to try on my way out was Gordon Ramsay's BurGR.  Right now in Vegas, Ramsay is the hot chef to have restaurants named after him.  I think there are at least 3 different restaurants named after him around Vegas.  It looked modern and I am always in the mood for a burger, so off I went.

The line to get in was not that bad, maybe 15 minute wait at 11:30am which is right after they opened.  They have a neat fire thingy outside of it, which was nice to watch while I waited.  I got my seat and was waited on.  The waiter was really awesome and friendly.  Gave me really good advice on the foods.  They specialize in burgers, shakes, and fries, so, I had one of each.  I decided on the Britannia burger which is cheddar and mango chutney, the butterscotch pudding and banana shake (yes, they really have pudding on top of a shake), and sweet potato fries.  The food was amazing.  The burger was done just right, the balance of the shake and pudding really went well together, and the fries were simply delicious.  There is nothing that I could complain about.

BurGR, while having the celebrity chef du jour name, really had excellent food.  I would highly recommend going there, and next time I am in Vegas, I will be going back.

Jul 13

Spice Market Buffet in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas

Tonight, I was wondering around Vegas wondering what I wanted to eat.  Nothing was really sounding good.  I wasn't looking for a buffet this time, but I ended up at the Spice Market Buffet in Planet Hollywood anyways.  Such is life sometimes.

I got there about 8:30 on a Wednesday evening, and there was a pretty good line.  Luckily the line moved fairly well.  It wasn't a bad price either, only $29.99 after my $1 discount for the player's card.  I would say that this is an average buffet with above average food.  They had the standard buffet things, salad, asian, italian, prime rib, etc.  The food it self was very good.  It all seemed very fresh and they were on top of bring out more food when something was running low.  After the meals I had been eating this week, dinner was something lighter for me.  I didn't try a lot of the meats and sides, but the prime rib was done very well.  I stuck with the fruits and salads mainly.  The fruit seemed pretty fresh.  The salad was crisp.  The had a little of everything, so anyone should be able to find something they like.  They even had some kabobs that looked really good, but I didn't try them.  The desserts were mainly a variety of cupcakes, some cheese cake, and a few puddings.  Of course they also had soft serve ice cream.  One thing that they did have that brought out the kid in me is cotton candy.  It was freshly made and tasted like fresh cotton candy.  Overall it was a good meal.

I would have to say yes to this going back here.  There was nothing extremely special about it, but it had a good section and good food with a not so bad for Vegas price tag.  If you like buffets, then I would recommend going to the Spice Market Buffet in Planet Hollywood.

Jul 13

Earl of Sandwich in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas

After a day and a half of stuffing my face, I decided to do something a little lighter and easier on the stomach.  I heard a lot of good things about the Earl of Sandwich in Las Vegas, so that is where I went.  They are a chain, but I picked the Earl of Sandwich in Planet Hollywood.

The place is a little spot in the Casino by the rest of the shopping that they have there.  It has room to sit and eat as well.  The place is exactly what the name implies, a sandwich shop.  They make all of the sandwiches when you order and the they have normal sides like potato salad and mac'n'cheese.  I decided on the The Full Montagu, which has roasted beef, turkey, Swiss, sharp cheddar, lettuce, tomato & mustard sauce on it.  I went with Mac'n'Cheese and a brownie sandwich for dessert and a drink.  This came out to only $16, so not too bad for Vegas.  The sandwich was wonderful.  I enjoyed every bite of it.  The Mac'n'Cheese was ok.  It really wasn't anything to write about, but it seemed to use real cheese, so that was a plus.  The brownie sandwich (mine had peanut butter filling in it) was very good as well.   Overall, it was a good, light meal.

I would say if you are looking for a cheap, on the go meal for lunch, then the Earl of Sandwich is a great place to go and eat.  It is cheap, quick, and has something for everyone.  I would recommend this sandwich shop.