Jul 13

Spice Market Buffet in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas

Tonight, I was wondering around Vegas wondering what I wanted to eat.  Nothing was really sounding good.  I wasn't looking for a buffet this time, but I ended up at the Spice Market Buffet in Planet Hollywood anyways.  Such is life sometimes.

I got there about 8:30 on a Wednesday evening, and there was a pretty good line.  Luckily the line moved fairly well.  It wasn't a bad price either, only $29.99 after my $1 discount for the player's card.  I would say that this is an average buffet with above average food.  They had the standard buffet things, salad, asian, italian, prime rib, etc.  The food it self was very good.  It all seemed very fresh and they were on top of bring out more food when something was running low.  After the meals I had been eating this week, dinner was something lighter for me.  I didn't try a lot of the meats and sides, but the prime rib was done very well.  I stuck with the fruits and salads mainly.  The fruit seemed pretty fresh.  The salad was crisp.  The had a little of everything, so anyone should be able to find something they like.  They even had some kabobs that looked really good, but I didn't try them.  The desserts were mainly a variety of cupcakes, some cheese cake, and a few puddings.  Of course they also had soft serve ice cream.  One thing that they did have that brought out the kid in me is cotton candy.  It was freshly made and tasted like fresh cotton candy.  Overall it was a good meal.

I would have to say yes to this going back here.  There was nothing extremely special about it, but it had a good section and good food with a not so bad for Vegas price tag.  If you like buffets, then I would recommend going to the Spice Market Buffet in Planet Hollywood.

Jul 13

Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas

For my 3rd night here, I decided to treat myself.  I had heard a lot of good things about Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace, so I was looking forward to the meal.

The line for the buffet was a little long when I got there at about 8pm on a Tuesday night. I took this to be a good sign.  The line moved pretty well and I pretty quickly was at the front of the line.  Again, because I had the player's card I saved $1 off the meal plus I got to get seated first.  It still was quite pricy at $45 a person, so this isn't for a cheap meal.

This place was pretty amazing.  The smell of the food was wonderful.  The desserts look divine and I was excited to eat.  On my first trip I got lamb and prime rib.  Both were done to perfection.  The lamb was seasoned just right and melted in my mouth.  The prime rib was still pink in the middle and juicy too.  They also had sliders there.  I was quite surprised to taste how good these were.  As small as they were, they still had a little pink in the middle.  On my next trip, I decided to try the seafood.  Again, I was very happy to see the selection that they had.  They had mussels, oysters on the half shell, fresh crab legs, and fresh shrimp.  I could have easily filled myself up on this part alone.  All of the seafood was very fresh and delicious.  Next up was the desserts.  I had a really tough time here, trying to decide what I wanted to eat.  I tried a few different things.  Each one of them was done wonderfully.  The mini apple pie was I think my favorite. They also had a ice cream and mochi section.  I had a vanilla mochi and a green tea mochi.  They were very good a well.   Then, to top it off, I had some pistachio ice cream.  I can't think of a single thing to complain about with any of the food I ate.

Overall, I was very happy with the meal I had at Bacchanal Buffet.  The food was wonderful and the atmosphere was great.  This isn't a cheap place by any means, but if you want to stuff your face with a bunch of really good food, you can't go wrong eating here.  I would definitely recommend eating here.

Jul 13

Paradise Buffet in the Flamingo, Las Vegas.

Night 2 on my stay in Las Vegas, I decided to explore out a little more around town.  I was at the Flamingo when I decided to stop and eat.  It also happened that I had a 20% off coupon for the Flamingo Paradise buffet.  That brought down the already cheap price of this buffet to only $21 for the meal.

The place itself is pretty nice.  If you are lucky, you can get a view of the gardens that are right outside.  I was not that lucky, however.  Once I got there, I noticed that there wasn't nearly the selection that I had seen at Paris, but, I figured, more isn't always better.  I tried the prime rib.  It wasn't very good at all.  It was dry and overcooked.  I did get a piece closer to the end, but it was still pretty overcooked.  I also tried the pork, it too was over cooked and very try.  Ok, then I tried the fried chicken.  I couldn't even finish that one.  It was soggy and cold.  I was not happy at all with the food.  They had an ok fruit section, but how can you screw up fruit I guess.  After eating a little of this, and a little of that, not really enjoying any of it, I moved on to the desserts hoping they would be better.  The one thing that they did have was a chocolate fountain.  The desserts were a little better, but still very average.  I left full, but not very satisfied with the meal I just ate.

Overall, I would have to say that this buffet ranks about as good as an average chain buffet place you can find anywhere in the US.  I am sure for the $21 I spent, I could have gone to a number of other places and found something that would maybe not been as much food, but would have at least made me glad to have eaten those calories.  I do not recommend the Paradise Buffet in the Flamingo to anyone unless you need a lot of food really cheap.  Even then, you have been warned.

Jul 13

Le Village Buffet at Paris, Las Vegas

I am on another trip to Las Vegas.   So, I decided to try a number of places while I am here this week.  I flew into Sin City on a Sunday evening.  I really hadn't eaten much that day besides some crappy airport food, so I was pretty hungry by the time I got checked into my hotel.  I am staying at the Paris Hotel and Casino for this trip.

After looking around a bit, I settled on Le Village Buffet right here in the hotel.  It was shortly after 7pm, so there wasn't too long of a line.  Once I got in, it was a very pleasing place to look it.  It had a lot of the same look as the outside walkway of Paris with it looking like a village town.  Each station had the look of a house.  They had a wide variety of food to choose from.  They specialized in "french" foods.  I ventured out and had a few things.  I started with the prime rib and mash potatoes.  They were wonderful.  The prime rib was done perfectly, nice a pink in the center.  There were a number of other things that I tried there, all of them very good.  Next was the crêpes station.  Oh my.  It was wonderful.  I got the le singe (the monkey) and le pomme (the apple).  The monkey was a banana, candied chestnuts, carmel, and Nutella.  It was every good as it sounds.  The apple one was also very good, but I was getting very very full by this point.  For dessert I got some crème brûlée.  It was pretty standard.  I tried a few other desserts and they were all pretty good as well.

All in all, I would say that for a Vegas buffet, this one was really good for the price.  It was 29.99 per person for dinner, plus tax, after the "players card" (which is free to sign up for) discount of $1.  If you are in Vegas and you want to stuff your face, I would recommend you try Le Village Buffet at the Paris Hotel.