Apr 14

Ace Hotel breakfast in Portland, OR

This morning we went to breakfast at Ace Hotel.  I know that this one isn't exactly fair, since you can only get it if you are staying at the Ace Hotel, but I figured I would review it anyways since the food is made at the attached restaurant.

I will start by saying this is one of the best continental type breakfasts I have ever had at a hotel.  Their slogan is "Everything is made in Oregon, expect for the New York Times."  On a daily basis they have local breads, cheeses, dry-cured meats, and house made granola.  They also had homemade jam and local honey.  They also had the basics like bread, coffee, tea, and OJ.  I fell in love with the granola they were serving.  Adding a little dried fruit and honey made it so very good.  Everything there was fresh, flavorful, and good for you.

If you are ever staying at the Ace Hotel (which is nice, if a little pricy) I would recommend going to eat their breakfast.

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