Feb 14

The Counter

Tonight we went to The Counter.  This place is a customer, build your own burger joint.  It is a very modern  style restaurant.  The general menu is all about the burger and the things you would expect to go with a burger.  They had shakes (both adult and regular), beer, cocktails, and soft drinks.  This place is definitely geared towards 20 and 30-somethings.

I decide to get a shake, burger, and fries.  The shake I had was very good.  the favors were done right and it had a good consistency. Being as the burgers are made to order, you can get them exactly how you want.  They have a very wide range of everything, from buns to toppings, to different types of meat.  I was a little disappointed on how much and what they consider "premium" toppings.  I felt a lot of it was too expensive for what it was, but this is a trendy type place.  The burger itself was very well made.  The meat was juicy, the toppings seemed fresh, and it was a very good burger.  For a side, I ended up with sweet potato fries.  I was a little disappointed in them, since they seemed so generic.  I wouldn't be surprised if they were pre-packaged and shipped frozen, but they were still good.

Overall, this place was a good place to eat, but it is on the pricy side of things.  I don't think I will go back, solely because I think I paid too much for what I got, but the food itself was good and filling.

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