Jul 13

Earl of Sandwich in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas

After a day and a half of stuffing my face, I decided to do something a little lighter and easier on the stomach.  I heard a lot of good things about the Earl of Sandwich in Las Vegas, so that is where I went.  They are a chain, but I picked the Earl of Sandwich in Planet Hollywood.

The place is a little spot in the Casino by the rest of the shopping that they have there.  It has room to sit and eat as well.  The place is exactly what the name implies, a sandwich shop.  They make all of the sandwiches when you order and the they have normal sides like potato salad and mac'n'cheese.  I decided on the The Full Montagu, which has roasted beef, turkey, Swiss, sharp cheddar, lettuce, tomato & mustard sauce on it.  I went with Mac'n'Cheese and a brownie sandwich for dessert and a drink.  This came out to only $16, so not too bad for Vegas.  The sandwich was wonderful.  I enjoyed every bite of it.  The Mac'n'Cheese was ok.  It really wasn't anything to write about, but it seemed to use real cheese, so that was a plus.  The brownie sandwich (mine had peanut butter filling in it) was very good as well.   Overall, it was a good, light meal.

I would say if you are looking for a cheap, on the go meal for lunch, then the Earl of Sandwich is a great place to go and eat.  It is cheap, quick, and has something for everyone.  I would recommend this sandwich shop.

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